NormandyDB - The Deepest Data Insights Into SaaS Sales

The Normandy database is the best knowledge base on the market for SaaS sales and trial processes.
It includes 1,000+ leading SaaS companies’ websites analysed in depth by human experts.
In addition, the database contains analysis of more than 500 SaaS trial and communications processes. The total database size is over 10,000 onboarding messages analyzed through automated machine learning algorithms.

Benefits for Saas Companies

Have you been able to pinpoint your Pain areas?

Access the NormandyDB to benchmark your Price Plans and Trial Processes against those of your competitors to get a better view as to whether you problem areas lie there.

Are you looking to expand your product sales into a new territory?

The NormandyDB can provide you with deep insights into how SaaS products in your category are priced, and how their Trial processes lure in new users.

Are you suffering from a high rate of Churn? Is your Trial not converting like you had banked on? Why?

The NomandyDB is the place to go to stack your process up with those of leading SaaS companies competing with you. Analyze the results given to you by the NormandyDB, adjust and start converting Trial Users to paying customers at a much higher clip!


For Startups and product development teams

So you’re looking to develop a new groundbreaking SaaS?
Where do you start?
How do you even begin to look at how to price your product?
Most likely through months of deep dive competitor research and analysis, weeding through the hundreds of different ways a product in your segment can be priced and with what features.

  • The NormandyDB can provide you with these details, and all you need to input if your company information right into our online form.
  • Your Product or Product Idea then goes through a digital analysis and we deliver you benchmarking information, graphically and easy to read.

For Saas Investors

You’re looking for a new venture to pump your hard earned cash into, you as a seasoned investor know the ins and outs of the business. Data is your best friend. Data tells you if your money is about to go in to a wise place.

  • The NormandyDB gives you exactly that benchmarking data. You input the desired product information into our database.
  • In return you are presented with detailed information on how that product stacks up with others, pricing wise, and trial process wise.

The NormandyDB helps you make smarter better decisions with your cash without taking the man hours needed for labor-intensive tasks.


Self assesment

NormandyDB - SA

Self-assessment and benchmark data for Small SaaS companies.

  • Process your company through our testing platform and get benchmark data how you compare to Global SaaS Leaders.
  • Get best practice tips on what you should do to boost your sales
  • Let the Normandy DB robot analyse your onboarding process and benchmark it against the others in the market



NormandyDB - FULL

Professional evaluation and full competitive & benchmark data.

  • Same as self assessment plus a complete analysis of your situation and online sales readiness.
  • Get professional insight on your online demo, trial and order processes.
  • Let our SaaS specialist go through your online process and evaluate it.

Recommended for SaaS companies that are already using the price plans, trials and other online sales automation methods.